Reasons and motivations powerfully impacts our life choices. Let me share my three why’s, I read and what is really the most important in the reading discipline.

Three Why’s to Reading

1. Read to grow. 
2. Read to serve.
3. Read to enjoy.

The most important of all, is this


Don’t just keep reading and yet fully accepting the knowldge presented as valid truth, as a firm believer of the authority of the Holy Scriptures. Read with caution if it is inline with theological correctness while keeping an open mind to understand. Even the most well meaning christian authors regardless of how well sounded they are, can be so theologically incorrect.

As the saying goes “eat the meat, spit out the bones.” Take the principles that are applicable and valid, take out false principles. 

Few years ago, A well meaning author wrote a book that impacted millions of christians. Only for the author to apologize publicly about it upon a realization during theological studies that the principle he was teaching was not theologicaly correct. Some of his avid book followers took to social media blaming him for misleading their lives. Filtering is our responsibility.


But nothing beats discovering and knowing God more in the Holy Bible.

"For the Lord gives wisdom; from his mouth come knowledge and understanding" - Proverbs 2:6
But the wisdom from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, open to reason, full of mercy and good fruits, impartial and sincere. - James 3:17
If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask God, who gives generously to all without reproach, and it will be given him.-James 1:5

May the increase in knowledge lead us to greater humility. But above all, Act like Christ and Love like Christ.

The 4 attitude towards reading
1. Read for growth.
2. Read to serve
3. Read to enjoy
4. Read and Filter.

Thank you for reading through this, I’d like to hear your thoughts and inputs via comments. I desire to grow in learning from you as well.

Personal Well-being Priorities for 2020

Where your priorities are, there your time will be. Personal well-being is just as important as our external priorities. When we are healthier on the inside, we live better lives and thrive despite life’s challenges.

No one else will take care of your well-being but you alone. In order for us to continue to serve the world, our private world has to be in order.

Below are 3 areas of our well-being and some suggested habits we can build to to help enrich it.

Mental / Emotional / Spiritual Aspect

  • Creating morning routines
  • Reading
  • Meditating
  • Spiritual practices
  • Journaling
  • Working on a meaningful project
  • Taking trips on a weekend


  • Walking
  • Joining fitness classes
  • Spending time in Nature
  • Have a good enough sleep that works with your body rhythm
  • Eating healthy
  • Excercising regularly


  • Spending quality time with love ones
  • Talking to family and friends over the phone
  • Volunteering regularly
  • Attending cultural or sporting events.
  • Community involvement

In order for us to keep serving and loving others, we need to learn to love and take care of our self first; that is being intentional of a healtheir you inside – out.

How about you? What best practices for well-being helps you the most? Or what new habits for well-being will you be starting this year? I’d like to hear from you at the comment section.

My appreciation as a newbie in Spartan Race.

Me and my friends participated the sprint race category at the spartan race held at Alviera, Porac,Pampanga last October 27, 2019. This was my first time to ever join an obstacle course challenge, which consisted of 5 KM and 20 Obstacles. This race category is perfect for benginners and thank God my friends choose this.

I thought I came prepared, I had 3 months of endurance training prior to this event, but the moment we where lining up for the registration under the scorching heat of the sun it was already draining the life out of me. It turns out I didn’t have the endurance for the weather and scorching heat has always been a weakness for me. On the 3rd obstacle of the race I felt my body was shocked with the heat. Asking myself, where did all my preparations went? Though I did prepare, I can now say I was under prepared to what came that day.

Disappointment hit me, when I failed the monkey bars while my teammates made it well and I had to do my first 30 burpees in return, causing my team to wait, I have observed that my body was constantly catching breath after that, heavily breathing even as I slowly walked towards the next obstacle station, that was the Atlas Stone Carry, this was just a 6Okg stone ball, this was frustrating for me as I couldn’t lift it up. I felt life was coming out of me, while my teammates made it through, I was taking time and felt I was delaying them. But my teammates was very supportive and encouraging, they help me lift it up, assisted all through until I’m done with the atlas carry.

It was a humbling experience and the most physically exhausting challenge I ever had in life in so far, I wouldn’t have survived it if not without my teammates who helped and gave so much encouragement during the most difficult and struggling obstacles. During the sandbag and bucket carry, I had to stop several times and just catch up some air, spartan racers who would pass by me, utterred simple yet very encouraging words. Those words of kindness help me kept going but quitting was not an option. This race made me appreciate so much teamwork and life made more meaningful because of others.

Though making it through the Spartan race with a medal can be a bragging right. The medal reminded me more of undeserved grace. For now I will push harder and will continue to challenge my own limits as I prepare for Spartan Race 2020. Thankful to God above all else for this experience.

Why I had the best ever singles getaway this year.

This year’s single’s getaway theme was “PAUSE”. In a busy world and with our minds filled with things to do and life pressures, hiting the pause button is exactly what we need.

And here’s the reason why I love this year’s experience and if this will done again, I would definitely come and even if I would be married by that time.

▪️ It was more of Physical Rest. We normally think of more session and having team building games, that somehow kept you busy and mentally equip at these type of events. But instead we were given more time to sleep! Which is exactly what we needed, being a generation that’s highly deprived of sleep.

It was my first time ever to enjoy a siesta! A good after lunch sleep. And that was really refreshing.

▪️ It was more of a Personal Reflection. The session was less of a talk but rather lead us to an activity that help us reflect and see our personal journey in life through the consolation and desolation cycle activity. I have realized so much that despite the desolations I went through in life, God always provide a consolation. Through this activity it showed me that no matter what happens next, I will still see God’s goodness. That was really, faith building for me. I love the fact that I was able to share it with fellow participant and prayed about it.

▪️ It was about listening to God through his words. Again this session was of less talk from the facilitator but more on hearing God through the reading of the word. It was at this time I felt God speaking loudest in my life and actually Him giving a word to what I have been praying for the past few weeks.

This is really what I really needed most, a much needed time to hear God and away from the busy life. This getaway provided that avenue. It was more of an equipping in a way we can do in our daily life. Hiting pause is like a life reset button.

▪️ A much needed silence and solitude. The venue was so perfect and beautiful, it actually provided the environment for a much needed silence and solitude, which was actually encouraged during our stay at Balay Indang.

At this day and age, the principle and practice of silence and solitude is what a digital busy age needs. Even away from digital devices. It’s a good time to reconnect with our inner most being, acknowledge and name the underlying emotions that matters most to God the Father.

▪️ Friendships was forge organically. There was absence of pressure of meeting people nor mingling with via activities. It just became organic as we connect with one another over the sumptuous meals we enjoyed and board games we played.

▪️ It was about hitting the pause button, not about being single. Maybe the most dreadful part of being in a single getaway is the feeling that you get why you are still single? That feeling of being matched? Maybe of being fixed? (Singleness don’t need to be fix) And you don’t want to be part of it again. Thank God this was all about a much needed Pause and connecting to God, that really ministered most.

To the organizing team! (photo above) Thank you! We appreciate you! That was the best ever so far!

More photos below: (Food, Venue, Wonderful People)

Will your future be thankful from your decisions today?

We are, who we are today because of the decisions we made in the past. If you are physically fit today, it’s because you decided to commit to being fit. Maybe the best question we can ask ourselves today is “Years from now, will I be grateful for the decisions I made today?”

We have been given the power of choice everyday, you have been given the wonderful ability and privilege of embracing life changing decisions. It starts with a decision in the heart and mind to believe and step out in faith.

Let me share my story with you.

More than 10 years ago, during 2009 prayer and fasting week, I prayed and believed for the impossible to happen in my life and that was to go back to college and get a degree. During that time, I was working as a call center agent and helping provide for my family in the province. The financial challenges in my family drove me to give up the dream of a college degree and accept the weight of being the breadwinner.

But it was through a class in church back in 2007 that once again reignited that desire. Since then it has been constantly brewing in my heart, a hopeful thought that haunted me for two years. My response to this thought was resistance and saying how could it be possible? Considering the weight of responsibility I felt for my family. Who would support and help my family if I pursue my desire?

At the 2009 prayer and fasting, I said to God, yes I want it, and I want to continue. Started believing in my heart what can be, rather than what cannot. I felt it was God calling me on this and it was Him who put this desire burning in my heart. The one who called me is ultimately faithful and in that I rested.

A month after the prayer and fasting, my mom called me up to share her good news! She was hired to work in Macau as a domestic helper. The month that followed was another answered prayer, my sister’s education in a private school will be fully supported financially by a relative until she graduates. Isn’t that great?

God took off every hindrance, showing that truly nothing is impossible with Him. That year I resigned from work and went back to college as a full time student. The journey wasn’t easy, there was plenty of hurdles along the way, but the very words of God brought sustenance and strength throughout the journey.

Today I am grateful that I had made that decision to respond in faith. I am thankful that God enabled me to move in hope in a seemingly cornered and hopeless situation. This experience enabled me as well to see God in action in my life.

But truly the best decision I ever made was the moment I accepted Jesus Christ in my heart as my Lord and Savior back in 2006. I would not have the faith to believe for the possibilities If I did not embrace his Lorship over all things . I am in Christ, so is my life and all it’s circumtance.

These decisions where acts of faith to a faithful and all powerful God that brought so much joy and gratitude in life. It was not because I made a good decision but because it is God’s character who is ultimately good and faithful.

At the end of the day, we all make faith decisions.

Three things I want to point out;

• Never make life decisions base on personal limitations.

• Pray and trust God in all circumstance.

• Obey and act in faith in accordance to God’s words and promises.

What decisions are seemingly challenging and impossible for you, but will make you thankful in the years to come?