It’s never been about me and will never be.

but hey, Here’s a few things…

Follower and lover of Jesus.

I am privileged and humbled to  serve both campus and community ministry.

Campus Missionary at Every Nation Ministries.

Reach the Campus, Raise mighty leaders

The campus is the mirror of our society in the future, This  is were the future leaders are, innovators and shapers of history. As young as they  are, they can make difference for Jesus.

When we Change the campus, we change the world. When we faithfully share the gospel, God moves powerfully in their hearts resulting to change lives. As they go through discipleship they grow in faith and rise to their calling “To go and make disciples of all the nations”.

Reaching the community through kids program.

We reach out to the underprivileged communities through our weekly kids program. We impart hope and joy through fun filled story telling, games and inter-active activities and eating together. We move people to compassion by serving the community and inspire them to help the underprivileged. The vision of transforming our communities and nation is better done together.


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