3 things I learned from Naruto

Great insights from Gab Nones

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Naruto has just ended. The whole manga ran for 15 years. Some people literally grew up with this manga. I was a late bloomer fan of Naruto, as I only started on its 8th year for I was trying to be loyal to Hunter x Hunter. Naruto had a great influence on me. It even made me a fan of Batman because he was trained to be like a ninja. Some may find this manga for kids but it is not. I had conversations with people who are ardent followers of every chapter, people like lawyers, architects, a physicist, and many more. I don’t know their reasons for following the life of Naruto but for me, I have 3 things that I will never forget about this manga.

1. Never give up on your dreams

“I want to be a Hokage” – Naruto’s desire to be the leader of their village…

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