I Dare to believe

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In a few days, I will be joining the annual prayer and fasting of our church. This is to start 2016 by humbling ourselves and seeking the Lord.


I desire to hear him speak to me. I  pray and fast to humble myself before the Lord: acknowledging that I need Him in my life, acknowledging that I am sinful and apart from Jesus, I am nothing,  acknowledging that he is before all things, and in Him all things hold together, acknowledging that His ways are better than my ways, and that He is Lord of Lords and  King of kings and lastly, acknowledging that He is the creator of the heavens and the earth. 

I pray and  fast to seek His word, will and directions for 2016 and dare to believe for greater things.

IT IS THE WISEST THING TO TRUST THE PLAN OF THE ONE WHO KNOWS YOUR PAST, YOUR PRESENT, AND YOUR FUTURE.                                                      –Juray Mora

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I dare to believe for the impossible and greater things for 2016. I dare to believe that God is able and more than capable of bringing His good promises to come to pass. I dare to hold on His words, and His power.

  • I dare to believe for breakthroughs.
  • I dare to believe for freedom from bondage and sin.
  • I dare to believe for radical change and transformation in the campuses, in the Philippines and the world.
  • I dare to believe for Salvation from family, friends and campus.

I dared to believe, because deep within me there is hunger beyond my appetite, that my soul yearns that only God can powerfully fulfil. What do you hunger for? What are you seeking God for? What do you dare to believe?

Then Joshua said to the people, “Consecrate yourselves, for tomorrow the Lord will do wonders among you.”     Joshua 3:5 ESV

Go beyond feeding

Waking up extra early on sa Saturday morning was a struggle, it used to be a day with extended sleep. But for the last 7 weeks, By God’s grace I was able to wake up early and head on to Maybunga Elementary School Annex Building from my place. Upon  arrival, I would check if the volunteers for the day has arrived, then proceed to registration and orientation for the kids program.

The kids program was an initiative partnership to the school to help continue the feeding program to the identified students suffering from malnutrition. The school provided a list of students who are on the moderately malnourish to participate and these are ranging from grade 3 to 6.

Last November 7, 2015 was the day we started kids program,through the kids program we don’t just feed them, we prepare weekly event that starts with hand washing, to games and inter-action time with the volunteers of the day, Bible story telling, group discussions to help process the lessons and apply it to daily life, prayer and the most waited part, the feeding.

We don’t just ask them to sit down and be feed, we go beyond it. We don’t just nourish their physical bodies with healthy food, we also nourish their souls, by sharing  God’s word through story telling, imparting God’s goodness, faithfulness and unfailing character. Imparting hope, love, forgiveness, faith, gratitude and a lot more. We teach them to pray and encourage to pray and be in faith. Now that is planting hope and going beyond feeding.


Arts and Craft time
Group presentations
Hand washing activity before starting

My heart is filled with gratitude to those who help and made this possible, I am thankful to all the volunteers who gave to help us fund the feeding, to the volunteers who generously gave their time and talent to help us run our kids program every Saturday. This has been one of my  highlight for 2015. This has been a wonderful opportunity to give back the community.Waking up extra  early on Saturday was worth it, and priceless every time I see these kids smiles filled with joy, gratitude and hope.

Loveless. Clueless.?

Being single is a wonderful and joyful season. It’s a God given gift, a blessing and season worth enjoying while the vision of marriage awaits.

Unfortunately, for some, it’s more like a curse or a season to be forsaken. But why would they feel this way? What are the factors affecting? Here are just some of the few:

  • They feel that they are left out, when all their friends are getting engage or getting married.
  • They feel alone, and needs a partner to be with.
  • For some, being in a relationship, makes them complete, it gives them value and identity.
  • Sadly, one factor is influence surrounding them. Most popular Filipino television shows , movies and media speaks too much of relationships and romance.
  •  Another factor is the peers. When friends and family you expect to empower and encourage you in your season, seems to devalue you by making fun of your singleness with endless teasing. They may not entirely be pressuring you into a relationship, but it does communicates it in a million ways.

Let me share to you some of my take home from the staff summit last October and my insights.

            Singleness is not  a purgatory  as if your waiting for heaven                                                                                        – Alex & Mitch Compton

Like what they have said, it is not a purgatory state, singleness is worth celebrating and rejoicing. When we are so fixed to being in a relationship or to getting married, it will not get you anywhere.


When we fail to see the value of our season, we fail to see and experience God’s wonderful gift for the season. It’s like rejecting a gift and wanting another. Everything is beautiful in its time. Maximize the season that is on your plate, or else you will miss out what’s given to you.

You are perfectly placed where you are, where God’s wants you to be. It’s not an accident. God knows exactly your every need down to the core of your heart and soul. Like Adam, He knows you need a suitable partner.

How are you going to be aware of the maximum value of our season? Here’s what Alex and Mitch Compton shared.

Intimacy with God is foundational and  fundamental, Set aside time to be with God, Time that you have right now is valuable. enjoy the season with greater delight and intimacy with our maker, There’s no way we can maximize our singleness aside from the presence of God. If we don’t have time now in word, prayer and spending time with our heavenly Father,  how much more when we have family and kids.

Develop and grew that relationship with Jesus. Out of our intimacy, God gives our identity. It’s not a man or woman  that can validate your being, only God.

As we grow in intimacy, God reveals to us his vision for the season. Our ability to hear Him clearly secures us in our season. As His word is forged into our hearts, we stand secure into his promises and to His unfailing character.