Strive to be better

I need to better
Because I know my heart is deceitful
My perceive truth needs to be validated
My version of the truth is influenced by my emotions
Although they are valid as I felt, I need to be better, by pursuing all sides
Before I can truly call it the truth.

I need to be better
Because I am humanly inclined to embrace my biases and stay in my comfort zone

I need to be better
Because I am called to be Christ-like
Because the merits of Christ on the cross counts me as righteous and good, left to my own my goodnedd is like a filthy rag

I need to be better because I am reminded of Psalms 25:

Show me your ways Lord, and teach me your path
guide me in your truth and teach me your ways
For you are my God, my Savior
My hope is in you all day long,

The Lord is good and upright
Therefore he instructs sinners in his ways
He guides the humble in what is right
And teaches his ways
All the ways of the Lord are good and loving..

I need to be better, knowing that all the ways of the Lord are good and upright,
I need to be better because I know I need His instructions, I need to know what is right in His eyes, and I need to know His ways.
For my hope is in Him all day long.

Thoughts running through my head today, based on my reflections from continually reciting some lines from Psalms 25.

Character Development is a personal choice.

Reflections and thoughts:

I was pondering today with how invested we are in developing our character. Does it even matter to pay attention to personal character development? What are our motivations to do so?

Subconsciously or conciously, what are the factors that build our character?

Do we have strong sense of compass? That directs us towards a direction of living a life with greater purpose and impact.

Where are we truly in our personal character development? Are we comitted to it?

Character development is a personal choice.

What are your thoughts about this?