Why I had the best ever singles getaway this year.

This year’s single’s getaway theme was “PAUSE”. In a busy world and with our minds filled with things to do and life pressures, hiting the pause button is exactly what we need.

And here’s the reason why I love this year’s experience and if this will done again, I would definitely come and even if I would be married by that time.

▪️ It was more of Physical Rest. We normally think of more session and having team building games, that somehow kept you busy and mentally equip at these type of events. But instead we were given more time to sleep! Which is exactly what we needed, being a generation that’s highly deprived of sleep.

It was my first time ever to enjoy a siesta! A good after lunch sleep. And that was really refreshing.

▪️ It was more of a Personal Reflection. The session was less of a talk but rather lead us to an activity that help us reflect and see our personal journey in life through the consolation and desolation cycle activity. I have realized so much that despite the desolations I went through in life, God always provide a consolation. Through this activity it showed me that no matter what happens next, I will still see God’s goodness. That was really, faith building for me. I love the fact that I was able to share it with fellow participant and prayed about it.

▪️ It was about listening to God through his words. Again this session was of less talk from the facilitator but more on hearing God through the reading of the word. It was at this time I felt God speaking loudest in my life and actually Him giving a word to what I have been praying for the past few weeks.

This is really what I really needed most, a much needed time to hear God and away from the busy life. This getaway provided that avenue. It was more of an equipping in a way we can do in our daily life. Hiting pause is like a life reset button.

▪️ A much needed silence and solitude. The venue was so perfect and beautiful, it actually provided the environment for a much needed silence and solitude, which was actually encouraged during our stay at Balay Indang.

At this day and age, the principle and practice of silence and solitude is what a digital busy age needs. Even away from digital devices. It’s a good time to reconnect with our inner most being, acknowledge and name the underlying emotions that matters most to God the Father.

▪️ Friendships was forge organically. There was absence of pressure of meeting people nor mingling with via activities. It just became organic as we connect with one another over the sumptuous meals we enjoyed and board games we played.

▪️ It was about hitting the pause button, not about being single. Maybe the most dreadful part of being in a single getaway is the feeling that you get why you are still single? That feeling of being matched? Maybe of being fixed? (Singleness don’t need to be fix) And you don’t want to be part of it again. Thank God this was all about a much needed Pause and connecting to God, that really ministered most.

To the organizing team! (photo above) Thank you! We appreciate you! That was the best ever so far!

More photos below: (Food, Venue, Wonderful People)