The language of authentic love

“If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his own language, that goes to his heart.”

Nelson Madela

From living in the Philippines to moving in Central America is a huge cross cultural jump, while I find latinos very near to Philippine culture it would be safe for me to not assume completely that the culture here is same as mine.

language connect us to people, as a messenger of the gospel and eternal hope, learning the language is my priority to be able to connect and comunicate the message of Jesus.

I invested in expensive intensive spanish classes, which paid off really well and fast track my capacity to understand and speak the langauge.

So I thought, that was enough. Months later a couple of friends had arrive as well, we are here to know and meet the students of Panama and share the love of Jesus. Help them grow in their relationship with Jesus.

As my friend Toffer, full of joy, life, and energy, right away jump off meeting with students, while he wasn’t speaking the language at that time yet, I learned from him that more than being able to communicate in their langauge, nothing beats the language of authentic love and care, enormous curiosity which made him very fruitful in gaining friends and winning locals for Christ.

His life reminded me, that more than words I can speak, it is the act of loving, offering authentic friendships, and humility towards people we seek to preach the gospel is the way to go.

Despite the little capacity to speak spanish, he spoke and act a universal language we all can speak and act, the aunthentic language of genuine love and intentionality for the people. I was caught up of aquiring the language, I was missing out this as aspect. Thank God for Toffer demonstrating this act.


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