Daily ponder: In times of trials

The past two year has been the most difficult of the most, maybe you have experienced a salary cut, a job loss, a business, loss someone. Maybe the bills are piling up and the debts is just growing and provisions seems no-where in sight.

These are moments of trials, I have been reading through revelations and it was prophesied there that God’s people will go through extreme persecutions and hardship. What should we do when we do when we are in times of trial and even worse.

This calls for patient endurance on the part of the people of God who keep his commands and remain faithful to Jesus.

Revelation 14:12

We are called to remain faithful to Jesus to the end.

Nobody in the right mind would actually like to pursue a life of suffering and pain. We are actually inclined to live a life in pursuit of convenience and happiness. But life is not like that. It is an illusion, the Bible is clear that there will be trials and tribulations, many faithful men and women to the Lord died a tragic death continually professing faith to Christ. We are called to be faithful to the end to Jesus because we know that this time on earth is only temporary and eternity is set before us. Dead has not sting on those who believe and put their faith on Christ.

We are called to patient endurance.

In the middle of suffering and pain, we normally express “How long oh Lord I must suffer” the very same lines as King David expressed in the book of Psalms. It is okay to express to the Lord our grievances, but no matter what it our clear picture of who He is and His promises that will keep us on the journey of patient enduring. We can be patient knowing we have a promised keeper with us. We have a faithful God that is beyond what this physical life and the is the hope we have in Him. I am no seeker of a reward, but it is who promises it and desires to give it to those who remain faithful to the end.

Friend, If you are reading this. Thank you! It is my prayer that this thought of the day, spoke well to your soul. There is no such thing as an accident, everything happens weather we accept this or not. As you come across this blog of mine, this might be for you or a person you know. God bless your heart and your whole being!

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