Social Media | Optimizing influence 

Life is precious that in our lifetime, we are gifted with influence and one of the avenues of our influence is on social media. In social media alone, over 32% of the total Philippine population in 2015 are involved and most of them are on Facebook.

With that in mind, whatever we communicate in our social media platforms (Facebook, tweeter, Instagram and etc.) brings a certain degree of influence and bearing. Come to think of it, How are we going to effectively use our social media platforms? How are we going to make a difference through these things ? Here are some principles we can consider in making greater impact in your social media sites:

1. Identify your values

What we post intentionally or unintentionally may communicate or miscommunicate what you value. Identifying what we value helps us have a clear judgement on what we consistently pound to the public.

Let the people know what is valuable, so innate in you and close to your heart and share them to the world.

2. Personal Mission Statement 

Once you have identified your core values, now, comes your sense of purpose that enables you to a have missional life, so what’s your personal mission statement? If you haven’t have one, now is the best time to reflect, whether it may be for this season or longterm.

Be missional and be intentional, whether it may be inspiring others through photos and encouraging and uplifting others through words. What’s your advocacy? Where do you think God is placing your purpose in the puzzle of a global picture?

3. Communicate consistently what you value. 

There is power in consistency, If you’re a person who aspires to bring encouragement to people through social media or whatever endeavor it may be, then, consistently communicates it. Over-communicating the same message in different ways enables readers and followers to actually grasp deeply what you want to say. Make it to a point that they would eagerly look forward for your next post.

4. Filter what you post.

Embracing what you value will be your ultimate guide in filtering your messages. Filtering is necessary to check whether what we are about to communicate is align to our values.

I had my share of irresponsible postings that completely miscommunicated in million ways just by a single picture or a sentence.

In my journey towards living a life with purpose, and reaching the next generation. God showed me that I am a steward of my social media influence as well. To bring the same message of Hope that He gives me, share his faithfulness and plant the seed of his power through the readers and social media followers.

Honoring Leaders | Lynn Nawata


Today, I want to honor and give thanks to one of the people who made an impact to my life and perhaps, to many more, Ms. Lynn Nawata. She served as the Real Life Foundation Director for the past 8 years. REAL LIFE FOUNDATION is a scholarship program that helps the deserving underprivileged youth to finish college degree for a better future.

As she journeys to the next season of her career, it brings both sadness and joy. But joyful for her as she continues to faithfully serve God to where she is called.

Ms. Lyn, your compassion for helping the poor is so contagious. Everytime we would hear you speak about helping others, it never fails to move people for it has always come to us in a voice of a woman filled with so much passion.

Ms. Lyn, one of the things I will never forget is the line “What is your sobrang happy thought?” Thank you for the #SobrangHappyThoughts. This line always reminds me to recall God’s goodness and faithfulness in my life. When things are rough and difficult, recalling this line puts me back to a heart of gratitude and makes me appreciate every small detail of God’s loving grace , provision and gift of life.

I like what Pastor Steve Murell said during the Metro Manila Staff Meeting that for most of the Real Life scholars and for us alumni you are a “Nanay” (mom). Thank you for the impact you made into the lives of many.


You bring sobrang happy thoughts into our hearts and we are excited as you bring crossroads to more people across Asia and the world. As you have touched our hearts, surely, you will touch thousands more around the globe.


I Dare to believe

Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 1.21.48 AM

In a few days, I will be joining the annual prayer and fasting of our church. This is to start 2016 by humbling ourselves and seeking the Lord.


I desire to hear him speak to me. I  pray and fast to humble myself before the Lord: acknowledging that I need Him in my life, acknowledging that I am sinful and apart from Jesus, I am nothing,  acknowledging that he is before all things, and in Him all things hold together, acknowledging that His ways are better than my ways, and that He is Lord of Lords and  King of kings and lastly, acknowledging that He is the creator of the heavens and the earth. 

I pray and  fast to seek His word, will and directions for 2016 and dare to believe for greater things.

IT IS THE WISEST THING TO TRUST THE PLAN OF THE ONE WHO KNOWS YOUR PAST, YOUR PRESENT, AND YOUR FUTURE.                                                      –Juray Mora

Dare to believeimg_6637

I dare to believe for the impossible and greater things for 2016. I dare to believe that God is able and more than capable of bringing His good promises to come to pass. I dare to hold on His words, and His power.

  • I dare to believe for breakthroughs.
  • I dare to believe for freedom from bondage and sin.
  • I dare to believe for radical change and transformation in the campuses, in the Philippines and the world.
  • I dare to believe for Salvation from family, friends and campus.

I dared to believe, because deep within me there is hunger beyond my appetite, that my soul yearns that only God can powerfully fulfil. What do you hunger for? What are you seeking God for? What do you dare to believe?

Then Joshua said to the people, “Consecrate yourselves, for tomorrow the Lord will do wonders among you.”     Joshua 3:5 ESV

Loveless. Clueless.?

Being single is a wonderful and joyful season. It’s a God given gift, a blessing and season worth enjoying while the vision of marriage awaits.

Unfortunately, for some, it’s more like a curse or a season to be forsaken. But why would they feel this way? What are the factors affecting? Here are just some of the few:

  • They feel that they are left out, when all their friends are getting engage or getting married.
  • They feel alone, and needs a partner to be with.
  • For some, being in a relationship, makes them complete, it gives them value and identity.
  • Sadly, one factor is influence surrounding them. Most popular Filipino television shows , movies and media speaks too much of relationships and romance.
  •  Another factor is the peers. When friends and family you expect to empower and encourage you in your season, seems to devalue you by making fun of your singleness with endless teasing. They may not entirely be pressuring you into a relationship, but it does communicates it in a million ways.

Let me share to you some of my take home from the staff summit last October and my insights.

            Singleness is not  a purgatory  as if your waiting for heaven                                                                                        – Alex & Mitch Compton

Like what they have said, it is not a purgatory state, singleness is worth celebrating and rejoicing. When we are so fixed to being in a relationship or to getting married, it will not get you anywhere.


When we fail to see the value of our season, we fail to see and experience God’s wonderful gift for the season. It’s like rejecting a gift and wanting another. Everything is beautiful in its time. Maximize the season that is on your plate, or else you will miss out what’s given to you.

You are perfectly placed where you are, where God’s wants you to be. It’s not an accident. God knows exactly your every need down to the core of your heart and soul. Like Adam, He knows you need a suitable partner.

How are you going to be aware of the maximum value of our season? Here’s what Alex and Mitch Compton shared.

Intimacy with God is foundational and  fundamental, Set aside time to be with God, Time that you have right now is valuable. enjoy the season with greater delight and intimacy with our maker, There’s no way we can maximize our singleness aside from the presence of God. If we don’t have time now in word, prayer and spending time with our heavenly Father,  how much more when we have family and kids.

Develop and grew that relationship with Jesus. Out of our intimacy, God gives our identity. It’s not a man or woman  that can validate your being, only God.

As we grow in intimacy, God reveals to us his vision for the season. Our ability to hear Him clearly secures us in our season. As His word is forged into our hearts, we stand secure into his promises and to His unfailing character.

Old boring stroke

No new strategy in  reaching the campus, just the old boring stroke that perfectly work in reaching the campus and raising leaders.  Week in and out we meet together to be discipled and to disciple for Christ. Sharing the gospel and leading students to bible study.

As the students grew in relationship with the Lord, they themselves take the lead in reaching their fellow students. Leading fellow student in One 2 one discipleship to discipleship groups.

Privileged to serve these young leaders to lead their campus
Our Leaders helping out in reaching another campus in discipleship
Students from Arellano University Pasig and Rizal Technological University Pasig attending LIFE groups
Discipleship groups in a Tea Shop near the campus
Leaders Huddle about the discipleship groups and topics.

Raising Leaders

This month some of our students from different campuses went through the Foundations for Victory Class. Raising mighty leaders means helping them to become strong in their biblical foundation and deeper into the knowledge of their relationship with Jesus.

I’m sharing the photos from heir graduation and some of the leaders of the campus I am reaching out.

Mizard, an STI SHAW student his testimony , that despite the lack provision he was able to finish the training.
Debbie, Joyfully shared her learning journey.
The graduates of the Youth Foundation Class.
With King and Danesa, Students from Arellano University Pasig



Praying for the campus

As the school year starts, we wanted to commit and dedicate our campuses to the Lord, We have gathered our student leaders fresh from Ignite 2015 for a time of praying for one another , praying for the campus and direction of campus ministry.

We place Jesus at the center  and reason of everything of why we do campus ministry.  We are excited for this year school year for the great harvest ahead, open doors and personal breakthroughs for our leaders.


3 things I learned from Naruto

Great insights from Gab Nones

blog bag gab

Naruto has just ended. The whole manga ran for 15 years. Some people literally grew up with this manga. I was a late bloomer fan of Naruto, as I only started on its 8th year for I was trying to be loyal to Hunter x Hunter. Naruto had a great influence on me. It even made me a fan of Batman because he was trained to be like a ninja. Some may find this manga for kids but it is not. I had conversations with people who are ardent followers of every chapter, people like lawyers, architects, a physicist, and many more. I don’t know their reasons for following the life of Naruto but for me, I have 3 things that I will never forget about this manga.

1. Never give up on your dreams

“I want to be a Hokage” – Naruto’s desire to be the leader of their village…

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