Feeling vs. Facts

Daily Ponder: #021

Life can be filled and met with frustrations and struggles. I don’t know what challenges you are experiencing, the depth nor darkness you might feel you are in. It is my prayer that this thought today would be of help.

Your feelings are valid! It is real! I remind myself this and recognize my humanity. Never invalidate that. We need to pay attention to what are our emotions is saying to us. It is an invitation to ourselves for a self talk. Permit yourself to feel and experience that moment, don’t be afraid, explore and discover this emotions.

However…. Yes…. However..

We also need to come to terms to a greater reality and a greater truth. We can’t afford to be stock in a pit of emotions. We can’t let is as well over rule us. We need to see beyond the feeling and labels we attach in it. We need to seek a bigger perspective, a way out of ourselves, or of our own world. Seeking a different perspective and a different voice. You don’t need to rush in it nor force yourself.

We need the brutal facts! It can go against our egos, pride and arrogance. Brutal facts are coming to terms that we can be very wrong, that we magnified something so little we made it into a monster. You may not want to hear it, you may not want to recognize it, but you know deep inside you will come to it one day.

I respect space and phase, I remind myself that actually. Moving to facts takes phasing, some takes slowly, some takes it faster. May you enjoy the learning, may you be merciful towards yourself, may you be forgiving and accepting towards your shortcomings. Permit yourself the time you need. What matters is you are moving to the grater truth and greater facts.

There is a hope, a future and a life. There is healing and growth. There is a light in every darkness. You are not hopeless. You are valued. You have a purpose. You are a blessing to humanity.

Not sharing is a form of isolation.

Daily Ponder: #020

This caught my attention while watching doom patrol, while the context of this is for the team to open up and have conversations, It resounded in me as well as I work with a team and this applies as well in life key relationships. Here are some of my thoughts and would love you hear what you think about it as well.

Un-intentional isolation

Sometimes we aren’t really aware we are keeping it to ourself. In most cases you might have been so used to it, it’s doesn’t bother to share.

Intentional Isolation

Most often this happens out of fear, fear of being known, being rejected, being seen as something else, fear of being seen as weak. But it can also be out of pride, selfishness and arrogance.

To share is to be vulnerable.

To be vulnerable is never easy, it is never comfortable. Vulnerability is a strength and sign of humility.

The strength of working relationship is trust, foundational in teams and personal lives. It also takes wisdom in communicating but never the less, we must gather the strength to speak up when needed specially opening up areas in our lives that we may invite others to come and help, provide advise and assistance.