Poverty mindset Vs. identity in Christ mindset

We all go through the different  season of life,  I remember  a time when I literally have nothing on my resources, a time when fasting  seems to be a fad for me , sometimes having nothing to eat for days, when having a meal a day was my most awaited.

It was a season of walking from home to school, from school to church, from church to home. And all I can remember I was doing only two things, first singing praise and worship songs , Second talking to God, At the start of that season while walking I found myself battling with him on why I’ve have to go through it. I was mad with the situation, the hardship, the hunger and demanding his breakthrough, provision and deliverance.

Challenging times  like  it will either make you or break. When the situation is saying give up and leave your dream, you’ll never be able to achieve this with your circumstances. You don’t have anything.

But the voice of truth was far more powerful than all  of those through running on my head. One thing God was pointing so clear so powerful, I am your father, you are my son! your are  co-heir with Christ, you are royal, holy, chosen, destined to do good things, I have all His good promises in the bible.

Faith is recognizing the facts, but holding on to the words of God. Its resolving to trust in him completely, holding on to the identity He said who I am and His mighty promises.

One thought on “Poverty mindset Vs. identity in Christ mindset

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