Life class topic: Vision

Your vision in life fuels your purpose.

One of our student leader going through life coaching was elected as president of the nursing society in Arellano University Pasig. Excited for the challenges for this year and the responsibilities, She recognize the  need to be in one phase with her set of officers , which are from the freshman to senior level.

We conducted the life class for these officers, focusing on one topic, which is VISION!


Since most them are not fully acquainted with each other yet, we decided to start with an activity, dividing them into  3 groups , competing with each group with a representative of their choice. The idea was about sharing  3 truths about themselves and 1 lie. they started as group first, before competing with the other team. Image



With me are fellow life coaches   passionate in reaching the next generation Rose Jesrusalem and Marics  Gelladuga who  was effortless connecting with the students and facilitating the games.


I had the opportunity to talk about VISION,  challenged and encouraged them to dream big and help identity those hindrances from reaching long term and short goals as individuals and as a team.

After the discussion, we went back to small group and talk about their vision in life and identifying those that are stopping them from achieving their vision.


After the activity we had the opportunity spend more time to get to know some of the students.


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