Old boring stroke

No new strategy in  reaching the campus, just the old boring stroke that perfectly work in reaching the campus and raising leaders.  Week in and out we meet together to be discipled and to disciple for Christ. Sharing the gospel and leading students to bible study.

As the students grew in relationship with the Lord, they themselves take the lead in reaching their fellow students. Leading fellow student in One 2 one discipleship to discipleship groups.

Privileged to serve these young leaders to lead their campus
Our Leaders helping out in reaching another campus in discipleship
Students from Arellano University Pasig and Rizal Technological University Pasig attending LIFE groups
Discipleship groups in a Tea Shop near the campus
Leaders Huddle about the discipleship groups and topics.

LIFE Classes & Groups

One of our ways of reaching the campus is imparting values of Leadership, Integrity, faith and excellence among the students through what we call LIFE Classes. This month we are so privilege to partner with the College of Hotel and Restaurant Management of Arellano University Pasig. After each topic the students group themselves with the coaches to help them process the topic and how they can apply in their lives.

Raising Leaders

This month some of our students from different campuses went through the Foundations for Victory Class. Raising mighty leaders means helping them to become strong in their biblical foundation and deeper into the knowledge of their relationship with Jesus.

I’m sharing the photos from heir graduation and some of the leaders of the campus I am reaching out.

Mizard, an STI SHAW student his testimony , that despite the lack provision he was able to finish the training.
Debbie, Joyfully shared her learning journey.
The graduates of the Youth Foundation Class.
With King and Danesa, Students from Arellano University Pasig



Praying for the campus

As the school year starts, we wanted to commit and dedicate our campuses to the Lord, We have gathered our student leaders fresh from Ignite 2015 for a time of praying for one another , praying for the campus and direction of campus ministry.

We place Jesus at the center  and reason of everything of why we do campus ministry.  We are excited for this year school year for the great harvest ahead, open doors and personal breakthroughs for our leaders.



Serving at IGNITE 2015

This month I had the privilege to witness and served thousands of students from the Philippines and 36 other nations worshipping the Lord Jesus, At the IGNITE 2015, The Every Nation Campus Asian Conference. I was privileged to served along with hundreds of volunteers, mostly student leaders from different campuses.  I was so blessed and encourage by their heart to served, I was thankful for all their commitment and sacrifices to make these conference a success and possible. I’m sharing some of the photos from Pre-conference to the conference with some of the people I served with.














Leaders Huddle & Bonding

One of the many things I am grateful for is to work along with these students, The are committed and passionate in reaching the campus for Jesus. Most these leaders are from different campuses, The campus they are reaching out is far from their current school and yet they make time, They make extra effort to make Jesus known in Rizal Technological University Pasig City.

This month we met twice, first for the huddle to evaluate actions taken and progress and anther was was set just for the bonding and celebration.