Daily Ponder #006

La tierra està llena de su gran amor, enseñame tu decretas.

I have been working on my Spanish language for a while now, I’ve been using a bilingual bible that has both Spanish and English.

En english, “ The earth is filled with your love, Lord, teach me your decrees.” Psalms 119:64

So I kept this thought as I go through the day, wander on it’s implications. It started to help me recognize and acknowledge the very presence of God. I was looking at city view from my window, acknowledge that God’s great love is for this city, not just for the city, but for the nations of the world and all the people in it.

While all of this are happening, There was a sense of asking God for an experience of this love. While my head knows this lines well, the emotional part of me yearns for the experience. I don’t know how God will meet me there but I am excited for how He will meet me in this request.

The truth about this Love of God….

The truth: we are not really lovable or acceptable before him if not for the gospel. Yes God is Love, but He is also a God of Justice. He punishes and does not tolerate sins, and we the human race sins and has that inner tendency to deviant from His standards and we will never be able to satisfy the justice of forgiveness, so in our behalf Jesus who is innocent and free of sin took the place of humanity. The wrath of punishment and justice was taken upon, He died and rose again on the third day, offering salvation and forgiveness who those who repents and believe in Him as Lord and Savior. Now in Christ we have that love and forgiveness. And so much more.

We need to recognize that love of God for us, making a way for all of us to be recipients of love and forgiveness.

If you don’t have Jesus yet in your heart, let me help you know him more, what He has done. Let me be a help to grow an inch closer to Him. Connect with me.

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