RHODZ: Sharpened

I met Rhodz in 2008, he was a student back then and an active volunteer in his campus, as he accepted Jesus Christ in his life that year,  he was filled with joy and was present in almost every youth service during Fridays and was very active in the ushering ministry and was willing to get know more Jesus through discipleship. Image

 Here’s a picture of him third from the left.

Along the way in his active life, he felt confronted by feelings of rejection and offense. He then slowly withdraw from his  spiritual family. Eventually he was back to the things he turned his back, He tried to find acceptance in other ways. Living his life the way he wants it, filling his desires with what he taught was best. After 2 years, while he was was out of town with his friends , he found himself asking with what he has been doing in his life, living on regrets and guilt, realizing the things that he has been doing, has been robbing him of the joy he found only in Christ.

A  friend from church wanted simply talk  him and share the vision for the campus. At first he felt hesitant, but went on  meeting with  the friend. As the conversation went on, He remembered the time he accepted Jesus and and the great joy it brought him, realizing that God never left him but has been very faithful in his life, being blessed with a job  and a recent promotion.

Experiencing God’s goodness despite turning his back on Him, changed his heart, he started reading his bible once again and went back to Jesus Christ. Remembering his promises in the Bible. “if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new”.

Rhodz has not only renewed his commitment to his relationship with Jesus, in his commitment to protect this relationship he humbly opened his life and secured Godly men to be his accountable partners to counsel and pray for him, making time every week to learn more about God’s word through small group.

Now Rhodz is passionately  reaching out to the youth and influencing them to honor God  through dancing. He is actively involved in training  next generation that  will impact our country.Image

Rhodz with Pastor Glenn Quizon receiving his certificate of appreciation in taking part in discipling the next generation

“As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.”   Proverbs 27:17 NIV

 We need Godly men and women in our life that will continually push us to seek and pray to God, tells us the truth about us even when it hurts and builds us up to live that Godly life, pointing us to Jesus Christ. Have we identified this Godly people in our life? or Do we have them?

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