Relationship | Is It Disposable? 

Dispose the disposables! I was laughing out loud upon hearing these words from a friend during an evening of coffee and catching up. We weren’t talking about some used styro cup or trash. We were talking about those people who’s been missing out on our hangouts for various reasons. They have been my good friends for about 9 years now.  Would I dispose good friends just because of a bad incident, disappointments, or change in belief?

Definitely not! No matter what comes our the way–offenses and hurts, misunderstandings, or betrayals–we will not allow ourselves to become a victim of frustrations, bitterness and unforgiveness. Our hashtag has always been #NoToDisposableRelationships.  The journey to this friendship has not been easy and has been and is filled with challenges. Some choose to walk away, some choose to stay despite offense and hurts.


  • Swallow our pride and humble ourselves
  • Forgive and let God do the work
  • Acknowledge our mistakes and say sorry
  • Stand for God’s truth and set aside our personal emotions
  • Accept and love people for who they are, as God accepts and loves them.
  • Be truthful always.

All these has brought us to greater maturity and deeper friendship. Through thick and thin, my friends are my chosen family. Personally I have been frustrated, disappointed, and corrected. But I’m glad it happened, because it developed me to be a better person and taught me how to handle relationships with the opposite sex.

A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for a time of adversity.                                  – Proverbs 17:17 NIV

Let love be the only reason and motive in all things that you do, and be reminded of how God loved you first, never letting you go and never disposing you.

But here reason why you may consider disposing:  Relationships | Why dispose?