Campus Life class at Arellano University Pasig

LIFE Classes are customized curriculums prepared by LifeBox in partnership with different high schools, colleges, and universities nationwide in teaching and coaching students in the areas of Leadership, Integrity, Faith, and Excellence.


Owie Tolentino, one or our passionate campus minister teaching Life Class with the nursing students and on the other  room Life class is being led by Maricar Gelladuga, one of our campus life coach volunteer.


 As it is LifeBox’s commitment to equip the next generation with the essential tools they need for life, we look forward to partner with more schools in teaching and imparting knowledge and skills to the students through LIFE Classes.

these students are unstoppable.

these students are unstoppable.

Meet the nursing students of Arellano University-Pasig.

It came to a season that these students are extremely busy even on Sundays. They started missing in the youth service.

But no matter how busy they were I found out. they continued to have small group in the campus, sharing who Jesus Christ is to their classmates and invited them to a youth service near their area that fit their schedule.

they fought for their relationship with Jesus, They made sure that hey are connected to a church and being disciple. If there’s a will, there’s a way.

these students are unstoppable. They are now graduating this coming school year. Their desire to t grow more. inspired me.