How’s and tips to start a reading habit.

I previously shared about prioritization of personal well being for 2020, one of they key aspect of habits to build upon is developing habits for the mind one of those is reading.

How can someone love the idea of daily reading or actually make it a habit? On this blog, I looked back to my experience and sharing the how’s and tips of it.

The reading habits of ultra-successful people is an article that may just inspire you to make reading a habit.

Reading is powerful, it takes you places you’ve never been, imagination beyond compare, it enlarges your knowledge and enable you to grow your understanding in so many aspects in life. It’s like meeting with another mind. Here’s my How’s and tips for you.

Find and explore the kind of book that interest you, Not bore you.

Let’s admit it, we don’t like boring readings,maybe just maybe, you haven’t really found what really meets you mind. As a starter, it is good to start with books that interest you first. This is the identification of your which genre of literature your into. Take this as your adventure and exploration time. It is best to find the books that meets your interest and enjoys most.

Through time I realized I have enjoyed multiple genre of book, I first started with Tom Clancy’s Virus, eventually ending up reading his other novels. Now the books I’m into are from a wide range of leadership, wellbeing and spiritually. How about you? What kind of book interest you most? Let me know at the comment section.

Read with a purpose to enjoy and right mindset.

If your not enjoying it, then your dreading it! Your first 5 minutes on the book will allow you to determine if you will continue reading it. However if this a course requirement in academic you are in pursuit at the moment. It is important to take heart the value of the book in your life pursuit.

If your reading a book filled with technical terms, reflect why you are reading it and why it is worth it, taking the time to devour and invest upon. When I was just starting the habit of reading, my primary motivations was for me widen my vocabulary, as I grew in understanding I grew in appreciation and in knowledge.

Challenge your self to a 20 minutes daily book reading.

Starting a reading habit can be overwhelming for a non- reader, to help you focus, setting a timer may just work for you, for a start set a ten minute or 20 minute timer and put an alarm at the end. Before setting the alarm, be intentional in keeping way with digital distractions. Keep away from mobile devices for more focus.

After the alarm rings, take a pause and think what you got from your reading. Take a 5 minute walk, do other task, play a game on your phone, have a short conversation with someone, do push ups then go back again to your timer to continue reading. The short break helps reboots the mind.

As time past, as you consistently do the daily habit, you will notice how you will naturally increase your reading time.

Handwrite your learnings from the books.

Having a pen and notebook at hand is very important in the process of handwriting your light bulb moments at the same time it helps keep retention of the valuable lessons or principle. Handwriting activates the brain more than keyboarding because it involves more complex motor and cognitive skills.

Handwriting contributes to reading fluency because it activates visual perception of letters, hence it is crucial for note taking. Taking notes by hand is vital for ages because it improves attention, comprehension and results.

Share your learnings with others.

The process of recalling the topic reinforces your mind to think back, giving more retention of the knowledge in our brain. Downloading your learnings does not need to be awkward or sound boastful, there is graceful way in putting it in conversation with the heart to help others, your insight may add knowledge to others and might just be very helpful. I enjoy listening to my friends, part of our regular conversations are sharing insightful ideas we have picked within the day or week. This kind of conversations stirs the mind for new things and great ideas.

Join a group books study or book club.

Part of the perks and privilege of my work is passion for growth and learning, and this is translated in our book study together and then we get to talk about it in our meetings. After all leaders are readers. That experience was really helpful for me, having the deadlines to meet, being accountable with my teammates and sharing my insights about the chapter gave me the extra push to do my readings. The principle of doing a book study together as community gives way to a more insightful learnings and conversations.


The end goal is to make reading a habit, to enjoy and love the journey that each book leads you. It is not about how many books you can finish, thought that would be wonderful.The a journey of enriching the mind, heart and soul should ultimately lead us to help others. May our learnings leads to actions that impact lives and communities.