Captivated by the surprise giver.

Everyday we wake up looking forward for a better day. By faith we live in expectation of good things and bigger things to come.

As for me I rely on Him who is my provider. My strength giver. Waiting expectantly on how He will move and orchestrate. I am expectant of His surprise.

Indeed He did surprise me today, I was celebrating, receiving a great news of what I received. My prayer partners was rejoicing at the great news.  As I went on with the day. A call came in asking apology that there was a mistake and this blessing should be going to another person. I just responded, just do the necessary corrections and its fine with me. Oh He did surprised me on that one too. Well I said to myself I’ll wait again.

As the day ends. He did surprised me again. And He did replace almost twice what I received earlier.

Throughout the day I was thinking I can either have faith on things can go wrong and live by that lie or have faith in the truth. That God is more than able to provide abundantly more I can ask or imagine. That’s more mind blowing than the hopeless lie.

Surprise! Surprise! Surprise! We can be so caught up and captivated by life’s surprises that It may determine our emotions. But I was so captivated with the surprise giver, How He orchestrated every single detail. That gave me joy that He was there in everything. He was looking at my heart with how I would respond if He takes back, what He has given.

He wants to be involved in all things we do. He is so mindful of us, He is so crazy loving each of us. In every way He wants to communicate He is in love with each of us. That He is so willing to forget our past and gave us the identity of His son, Jesus Christ. That He may have that intimacy with us. His crazy Loving us.

On other hand made me reflect: What if bad things keep on happening? Will I still see His Love? Will I still recognized His orchestration? Can I still say He is in control?

May we go deeper into that intimacy with our heavenly Father through Jesus,That our trust in His sovereignty may go deeper. That when lie’s like accusations and deception hits us. We can say to it I know my God personally and I refuse that lie.

Just a thought for the day…

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