Getting into the habit and discipline of reading

Getting into the habit and discipline of reading

Got this book as a birthday present from my Kid’s Church Family in VCF Ortigas.

I remember my friends talking about upgrading themselves into the discipline of reading, as application they’ll have to apply and share what they have learned. I could not recall if they were pushing for 2 book a week, but one of them said, that’s challenging for me, I’m not that bookish and at times don’t easily understand it.

But what strike me was this, one of them responded, saying getting into the habit of reading at start maybe boring, don’t feel reading,  it may not always register to mind. It’s pushing yourself till it becomes daily part of your life.

When I was starting to read the bible few years back, at first I said to  myself I’m reading something that i don’t understand, at times the word were too deep and has to researched what it meant it was a struggle. But Since I was pushing for four chapter a day, I just have to do it even if one chapter seems like the entire book or statistical data and numbers, as months past by  little did I know I’m falling more in love with each and every page.

That’s why for this year, for the next twelve months I will share one book I’ve read or maybe more.

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