PCSI: Where it all started

In 2007, I was invited to join a campus outreach team for a high school campus in Cainta Rizal, back then I was working in the Business Process Outsourcing industry,  I had plenty of reason to decline the invitation, primarily because of my work schedule, and the distance of the campus to where I live (Caloocan), and how terrible the traffic can be on the way to both the campus and my place.

I  gave it a try, and joined the team. From one visit to another that became a weekly. Friendship was forged among the team, working along with passionate young men and women mostly students.

PCSI Outreach Team
PCSI Outreach Team

As for me this is where all it started  the experience broke my heart that brought un-explainable desire to reach out to this students and let them know  who they really are  and how much God love them so much, that they have a purpose and greater things to come to them.


This exposure made me dig deeper into my life’s purpose, that there  is more to life, to my personal plans, it gave me wider perspective, if there one thing my life worth throwing into it would be for the next generation.

me pc

I said to myself, If I’ll be reaching out to young people, I’ll starting getting my degree done. It has been 5 years now since that experience, God did not only gave me the degree but gave a campus.

As for the team,we’re all working now, some of them went overseas, while others are still engaged in the youth ministry.

pcsi edt
2012 Christmas Party

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